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Wedding shoot
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Further information
Wedding shoot
Coffee table books & more
Meet Kelly Jane

My name is Kelly Wooldridge. I am based in Johannesburg, but will travel pretty much anywhere in the world to take photos.

When I studied photography in 2004 at The National College of Photography, we learned everything on film. I realized then that photography is not only an art but a science and find new challenges in creating perfect images every day.

I obtained my Degree in Brand Communications management a.k.a. advertising from Vega. I specialized in Art Direction which basically means I have a qualification in creativity. I spent the early parts of my career doing graphic design which included experience in magazine layout and many other media platforms. I still use about 85% of these skills in my business today.

  • I love color; it brings things to life and makes me feel happy.
  • Each detail, texture, line and element of a photo is what makes it awesome.
  • I love arts and culture, be it a funky interior design idea, tattoos, music, choreographed dance routines or just a funky and fashionable hair trend.
  • I dye my hair all the time.
  • I find it easy to connect with children of all ages. It could be my colorful appearance, but my experience on shoots with them is definitely a contributing factor.
  • I have tricks up my sleeve for photographing a new born baby and handling them with care.
  • I teach photography and graphic design at schools part-time.
  • I like to capture people’s personalities in their photos rather than force an awkward pose.
  • I think that a boudoir shoot is empowering for a women and everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.
  • I enjoy listening to the speeches at weddings.
  • I have 2 and a half older sister’s, they are all married.  
  • My folks have been married for over 30 years. Gasp!  
  • I enjoy adventure sports and stay fit with exercise and roller skating.
  • My weakness is Ice cream, baked goods and other savoury delights.
  • I think photo sessions should be fun and relaxing.
  • I love the outdoors.
  • I believe in True love.
  • I strive for good service delivery.

I hope that you will come and visit me in my studio.